You, Google Ads, and Your Business

Do you use Google Ads? If so, read on.

Have you been unable to achieve and maintain results from Google Ads? This is the website for you.

So, how do you turn things around?

There is a simple, 3-step process, laid out below.

1. Should you even be using Google Ads

This might seem a strange starting point, especially if you are already using Google Ads.

You should always always start from the position that Google Ads isn’t suitable.

The conversation should begin with your business, your market, and your sales and marketing requirements.

You know more about this than anyone else.

It ignores Google Ads, and puts you in control.

Only once your business requirements have been laid out should Google Ads (or any other marketing option) be considered.

Google Ads is not a magic bullet; it isn’t suitable for all businesses under all circumstances.

You should consider what Google Ads can do in relation to your business goals.

If it can help, then continue reading.

Otherwise, stop using Google Ads.

We are happy to have a conversation with you to help you work through the above, even if you don’t end up as a client.

There is no pressure; a business for which Google Ads is unsuitable, is not a client for us.

2. What’s wrong with your Google Ads setup and management?

Once you have satisfied yourself that Google Ads could be used to achieve your business goals, then we must determine why that’s not happened.

We would review your existing setup, and report back in plain English what we find.

Usually, we find schoolboy errors; the basics have been done poorly, and advanced features have been deployed in the hope of fixing things.

If that’s the case, then there is lots of low-hanging fruit, and we can be confident that there is great scope for improvement.

However, if your Google Ads campaign has been set up well, and appears to be well managed, we would tell you so.

Unless we can make a significant improvement, we would not suggest that you move from your current provider.

You must also consider the suitability of your current budget.

If it is too small to achieve results, then we would advise increasing it.

Lack of budget is seldom the main issue, but if it is, and you are unwilling or unable to increase it, then we would suggest that you stop using Google Ads.

We are happy to undertake such a review to help you understand your options, even if you don’t end up as a client.

There is no pressure; by being honest, and straightforward with you, you will become a client if it would benefit you.

3. Can you get great results from Google Ads?

If you’ve reached this stage, then two questions remain:

  • What do you do now, and;
  • How much will it cost?

We go right back to basics and run things as if it was a brand-new account.

It is quicker, easier, and cheaper to do this than try and patch things up.

You also have a fall-back position. If you are unhappy with what we do, you can switch back to what was there before.

There are three phases to a successful Google Ads campaign.

First, there is keyword research.

While it is not a competition to get as many as possible, our campaigns typically have a list 4-figures long.

Compare that against what you currently have.

Second, there is the way that your Google Ads account is structured.

You would benefit from a methodology we have developed over many years from managing acounts spending millions on clicks.

This formal approach gives you consistency, granularity, scalability, and reproducibility.

Most importantly, it has produced results for small and large, B2B and B2C, and product and service businesses.

Third, is the ongoing monitoring and management.

While this will deal with any changes made to how Google Ads works, it also addresses the constantly changing list of words and phrases that people use when searching for what you do.

Google claims that 15% of searches each day are ones that it hasn’t seen before.

Without this third step, even a brilliantly set up and successful campaign will not deliver its full potential.

The final component is budget.

We typically work within whatever your current spend is.

That allows you compare what your new approach delivers against what went before.

We are happy take you through this process, but it all starts with a conversation.

Get in touch and find how whether Google Ads is suitable for you, what is wrong with your current setup, and how to improve matters.

Contact us for an exploratory chat.