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Initiative2 has been helping clients in Aberdeen and beyond with their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google AdWords and web marketing since 2002.

We shot up the Google rankings and have since won business .... and would recommend them to all bar my competition.

Tim Waters, Inverurie

Our SEO Director is Kenneth Mackay.

They searched on Google, gave me a call, and now I have the largest contract that I have ever received.

Joanne Cairney, Aberdeen

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, are the general terms used to describe what we do. It covers the techniques and tactics used to ensure that when someone is looking for something in Google, that they find your website before they find your competitors'.

Many people providing SEO still employ things that are out-of-date or ineffective. Unfortunately, many more have been caught out using things that are bad and banned by Google.

Initiative2 has never utilised such techniques, and that is why we have been successfully helping our clients in Aberdeen for so long.

I would recommend every business to carry out a review of their website with Initiative2.

Granite PR, Aberdeen

Aberdeen-based Search Marketing

With our office and staff based in Aberdeen, you can be sure of dealing with a real person; someone dedicated to your project.

Although we deal with clients internationally, our core business is based in Aberdeen and with businesses that have an operation in Aberdeen. SEO is global, but it has to be personal too.

Many times we have met with people who have dealt with search marketing agencies from outwith Grampian; people whom they have never met. And then there is a problem, and they don't receive a reply to their emails.....

5 enquiries in one week.

Photography by Joanne, Aberdeen

Online Marketing Specialists

Initiative2 specialise in online marketing. Unlike most other SEO providers, who do it as an add-on to their core business, this is all we do.

We have been providing SEO in Aberdeen for over 12 years. We do not do logos or graphic design. We do not provide web design or PR. We offer a dedicated online marketing service.

Work in partnership with your other suppliers gives you a better result. That is why many Aberdeen web and graphic design companies introduce us to their clients.

Hits to our site have increased massively.

Aberdeen Watersports, Aberdeen

Our Approach to Your SEO Project

We offer a free introductory meeting at our office in Aberdeen, during which we can discuss your current online marketing and how you could improve your SEO.

This doesn't commit you to anything. Nor does it commit us to accepting a project. We always reserve the right to decline a project. Our word-of-mouth reputation in Aberdeen is too valuable.

For a successful project, you must work with us. Although we have vast experience in, and knowledge of, website marketing, we are representing your business; and we will never know as much about your business as you do.

What we will do for you, will vary on many factors. It will certainly not be a generic "SEO template" that is applied willy-nilly to everyone.

Has brought us enquiries from all over the world.

The Red Horse Speaks, Aberdeenshire

Google AdWords

Google AdWords are the small adverts that you see on the Google search results page, but also on many, many sites across the web.

These are very easy to set up, but can be very difficult to achieve a good return on investment from, simply because there are so many factors involved.

Initiative2 offers a Google AdWords marketing service. This can be in isolation. However, it is usually most effective when combined within your overall online marketing strategy.

Everything we need from a website consultant - knowledgeable, reliable, always at the end of a phone and doesn't overburden with jargon. Very user friendly!

Fabulous Black, Edinburgh

Local Search Consultancy

These days Google returns results based on your location. Therefore local search is very important if you serve a local market.

Initiative2 has always concentrated on local search optimisation, and it is important that you now do too.

Remember, there are over 30 places named Aberdeen throughout the world, so your SEO has to be tailored to the one in Scotland!

Delivered on time and to the budget discussed and we have seen our website ranking improve more rapidly than expected.

CFGX, Aberdeen

Mobile Search

Mobile search optimisation is the latest hot topic. As most of us now have smart phones, we use the web more and more on our mobile devices.

The optimisation of websites for mobile can be done in various ways. However, some are better than others, and there are other factors to consider as well, such as conversion optimisation and local search.

We're the number 1 listing. Whatever you're doing keep it up; the leads will fly in.

Scott Thomson, Aberdeen

Conversion Optimisation

Once you have attracted someone to your website, then what do you want them to do: fill in a form, call you, or buy something?

This is where most websites fail. That is where conversion optimisation comes into play. It is the stage after search engine optimisation. It is where we maximise the likeliehood of a site visitor becoming your customer.

Solved problems in relation to my website and search engine results that no one else from a number of rival companies has been able to get anywhere near finding a solution for.

Myles Edwards, Aberdeen

Social Media

Many people feel pressured into social media. Many people hand responsibility to someone, just because they are "young". Most people are disappointed with the results of their social media marketing.

Social media "optimisation" is something with which we can help you, help yourself.

Social media is not the magic bullet that you may have been promised. However, it can play its part in your overall online marketing strategy.

Brings common sense and a pragmatic approach to maximise the effectiveness and search engine visibility of their clients' websites.

Jim McCurrach, Aberdeen

Online Marketing Consultancy

If you currently undertake SEO, then you may benefit from our independent Online Marketing and Website Audits.

We can review your website, assess what online marketing has been undertaken on your behalf, and with what effectiveness.

Perhaps you need assistance with your SEO strategy, or the planning and specification of your website redesign?

All of these services are designed to get you the maximum return on your investment in all of your online marketing activities.

Used their knowledge and experience to check on the performance of our website and provided an informative, helpful report with a large number of useful, positive suggestions.

Kellas Partnership, Inverurie

One Minute Website Tips

Please look at our One Minute Website Tips.

These are from an ongoing series of emails concerning the issues involved in online marketing. Although these were sent initially to our clients in Aberdeen, requests have come in from across the world to be added to the mailing list.

Please contact us if you would like the latest SEO tips sent from Aberdeen.

You have actually reduced my costs.

TJ Chauffeur Express, London

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Rapid increase in our market share.

Orkney Property Centre, Orkney

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