Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one description of our SEO Services:

We do provide SEO to clients outwith Aberdeen, but over the last 12 years we have concentrated on the local Aberdeen SEO market.

Search Engine Marketing in Aberdeen

  • Local Aberdeen Search Engine Marketing;
  • Local Aberdeen SEO, and;
  • Pay-per-Click (Google AdWords) in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Our search engine marketing services are used by a growing number of Aberdeen web design, graphic design, marketing and PR agencies. They recognise that this is a specialised skill, and prefer to introduce us to their clients for such SEO work, rather than take their money and try to do it themselves.

We don't outsource our search engine marketing services. Your SEO is undertaken in Aberdeen, by a long-established local SEO business.


Search Engine Optimisation. Get your website found before your competitors'. Using our expertise we will drive your website up the rankings.

A tailored, budgeted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to target new customers in a cost-effective manner.

If you have a national or international market, then your customers may be searching from anywhere within the country or world. Therefore you want to be found by them under all circumstances. Howevder, if you have a regional or local market, then you don't want enquiries from areas that you don't cover. That is where localised (Aberdeen) search engine optimisation comes into play.

SEO in Aberdeen

With Aberdeen SEO we are concerned with getting you found when people look for what you do or sell, and add in "Aberdeen" to their search. Indeed, with the increased use of mobile devices to search, Google now attempts to automatically serve up Aberdeen results to people searching in Aberdeen. This is termed local SEO.

Linking Strategies

Get relevant visitors from other websites. Improve your search engine status.

Getting bad and ineffective links is easy. Getting good and relevant links takes time and effort.

Good links are beneficial to local, Aberdeen SEO, as well as to general search engine marketing. However, getting good links is a difficult task. Getting bad links is part of "black hat" SEO, and is not to be recommended.

Localised search can also rely on citations.

Pay-per-click Advertising

A measurable number of pre-qualified leads gained within a capped budget.

Paid online promotion such as Google AdWords, can be one way of targetting local search. Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn, among many others, offer similar opportunities.

Google AdWords for Aberdeen

PPC adverts can be tailored to match a geographic area, such as Aberdeen. SEO for local search means that this is a good thing. Unfortunately, this method is not foolproof, so we are often asked to help.

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