Local Search

Is Yours a Local Business Serving Local People?

Does your business sell to your local area? Do customers find you online? Then the following alert is for you.

Local search has always been important, and some businesses have done very well out of it. We're talking about people looking for goods and services in their area, for example "Aberdeen dentists" and "restaurants in Aberdeen". Various techniques have been used to ensure that certain businesses appeared high up in the search engines. However, everything is changing.

If you have done well in local searches in the past, then you must do something to keep that dominance. If you haven't done well in the past, then now is an opportunity to steal a march on your competitors.

So what's changed? It's that most people now have smart phones and tablets. When they search, Google can tell where they are, and can display search results based on that. So people no longer have to search for what they want, where they want it, as above.

Spend 1 minute going through the following check to see how you are effected.

On your smart phone, do a Google search for what it is you do, eg "heating engineer", "taxi" or "stationers". Note what appears, and where you do. You will probably see a mixture of both local and other sites listed. You may wish to repeat your search, but with your location added, eg "pizza delivery in Aberdeen" or "Aberdeen B&B". This will allow you to see how it may differ from the previous search results. It is likely that you appear higher up in this latter search.

If everything appears to be OK, then congratulations. However, if you would like an even bigger advantage, get in touch and I can tell you how we could help you.

But what if you have a problem? If you don't care about your website marketing, then it's not really an issue. However, you wouldn't have read this far, would you?

Different things have to be done to address this problem. There may be some choice; some techniques are better than others. However, not all may be available to you.

Usually I would suggest that you first contact whoever looks after your website. However, for this particular issue, it is unlikely that they have been able to keep up-to-date with the confusing, conflicting and detailed advice necessary. You may now realise that website design and website marketing are two different skill sets. That is why web designers pass clients to us. Get in touch and I can tell you how we could help you.

I hope that everything is in order with your website, but if not, at least you now know, and I look forward to hearing from you.

By Kenneth Mackay, 30th July, 2013

This is one of a series of articles that deal with common issues when promoting your business online. We hope that you found it useful. Go to our online marketing tips to see previous pieces of advice. If there are any topics that you would like covered, please let us know.

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