Image Copyright

Only Use Images that You are Entitled to Use

Do you have images on your website? Photos, drawings, diagrams? If so, do you hold the necessary legal entitlement to do so? If not, you may well be faced with a big bill.

The law of copyright applies to images used on websites. It is seen as being complicated. However, ignorance is no defence. Copyright holders want the revenue to which they are entitled. They are actively seeking out those who are using their images without the correct legal entitlement.

Spend 1 minute going through the following. Contact whoever looks after your website and ask them whether you have the correct legal entitlement to use all of the images on your site.

If everything appears to be OK, then congratulations. This is how it ought to be. But what if you have a problem? Standard practice is to remove any offending or potentially offending images. Obviously this could change the look of your website. Alternatively, arrange the correct licensing.

I am not a lawyer, and the above is based on a common-sense approach to avoid the issue. If you do get into difficulty, then the costs can be considerable. Check out your situation and deal with any issues now.

This is not directly a web marketing issue. However, the more visible your website, the more people who see it, and the more money people presume that you are worth. If you would like to discuss the marketing of your website, please give me a call.

By Kenneth Mackay, 22nd October, 2013

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