Error 404: Page Not Found

Have you ever got an error message when visiting a website? Did it create a good impression? Would you do business with them?

The most common is probably a 404: Page Not Found error. This can happen when there is a bad link or someone simply makes a typo when entering the website address. However, it is easily dealt with. How does your website cope? Do you create a good impression?

Spend 1 minute going through the following. Go to your website, and then change the address bar to refer to some non-existent page on your website. For example, I would go to and then change the address bar to read "" (or any other made-up page name).

What happens? Do you get an ugly, technical-looking failure? Or do you get an elegant, helpful, and face-saving page that will encourage your visitor to hang around?

If everything appears to be OK, then congratulations. But what if you have a problem? If you don't care about your website marketing, then it's not really an issue. However, you wouldn't have read this far, would you?

Your options are constrained by the technical skills of whoever looks after your website, the technology used, and your hosting arrangements. Therefore I would suggest that you first contact whoever looks after your website.

However, if you have been undertaking any form of web marketing, and you find that this basic issue hasn't been addressed, then you should be concerned about what else has or has not been done.

Website design and website marketing are two different skill sets. That is why web designers pass clients to us. Get in touch and I can tell you how we could help you.

By Kenneth Mackay, 5th Novwmber, 2013

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