How Do You Know if You are Number 1 in Google?

Are You Really Number 1 in Google?

Search in Google for your word or phrase, and if you appear at the top of the list, then you are number 1 in Google.

That was simple, it took less than one minute, and it is wrong!

Such a simple world is long gone, and it is likely that your measurement of your search engine success is both looking at the wrong thing, and then showing misleading results.

So what has changed? There are three broad categories that Google has targeted:

  • Personalised search;
  • Local search, and;
  • Mobile search.

The first means that the results you get will differ from those that anyone else might get. This is because of whether you are logged into your Google account (Gmail or whatever), what you have searched for before, etc. While this is intended to, and probably does deliver better results that are relevant to you, it does make search engine optimisation much more difficult.

The second means that the results you get may depend upon where you are searching from. This is because Google believes that someone looking for a plumber in Edinburgh won't be interested in a plumber serving Aberdeen.

The third combines both of the above, with the added enhancement that some websites are more mobile friendly than others, so might get preference.

Remember that all of the above is in addition to all of the other factors: Google constantly changing the rules, your competitors marketing their website, you marketing your website, and other people doing things that are outwith your control.

To see how your website might be effected by this, spend one minute going through the following. Try the same search on different computers (and phones) at work, home and elsewhere. Ask friends and colleagues to try as well, since even your ISP (who provides your broadband connection) might make a difference.

The results might be depressing if you had thought that you were doing well. Logically, the problem is worse (and you probably appear even further down), if you aren't doing so well.

So, what should be done? First, there are means of getting search results that are less skewed than the normal. Try asking whomever looks after your web marketing. Second, since the problem is more difficult, skillful SEO can really move you ahead of your competitors. That is where we can help.

If you would like a complimentary "plain vanilla" report of your website's standing, please email me with the details requested below. This is available to the first 10 to respond. If you would like help with your web marketing, please let me know.

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By Kenneth Mackay, 28th January, 2013

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