Should You Like Facebook?

Do people on Facebook like you enough to buy from you?

You are probably under tremendous pressure to become more active on social media, such as Facebook. While this can have its place and, if done well, can be productive, are you sure that you are so doing?

The easiest measure is your number of "Likes", and you are encouraged to get more.

If you have enjoyed great commercial success through Facebook, then fantastic. However, for everyone else, please take one minute to consider how you use Facebook.

  1. Do you use Facebook?
  2. How many Facebook pages have you "Liked"?
  3. Of those you have liked, how often do you go back?
  4. Of those you have liked, how many have you bought from?
  5. How do you differ from anyone else?

If you now realise that there is no strong link between Likes and spend, then it is time to do something.

Speak to whomever looks after your social media activity, and ask them what is being done, why, and with what results.

It is usually unproductive to continue doing something that has not worked in the past.

By Kenneth Mackay, 11th March, 2013

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