Search Engine Ranking Reports

How well are you doing in Google?

If you spend money on online marketing, then you should expect to rank in Google's search results. If you don't, you could well appear anyway. But how do you know? One popular way is to use a search engine ranking report.

Spend one minute going through the explanation below. See what is good and bad with this approach.

A search engine ranking report shows you where your website appears in Google's search results when someone looks for certain keywords and phrases. It can do the same for other search engines as well, but let's stick with the main one.

So which words and phrases? It might do your ego good to use very obscure things. If your site has been optimised for them, and there is little competition, then you should do very well. However, it makes more sense to concentrate on those that are crucial to your business's commercial success. Unfortunately, these are usually more competitive, and the results likely to be poor.

This is probably the most important role that ranking reports can play. It helps identify how well you are doing in what would be called traditional SEO.

The downside is two-fold. First, if taken in isolation, it can give a false sense of success. Second, if not done properly, it will probably overstate how well you are doing.

The second point is that Google's search results are influenced by who does the search, from which location, the device they use, whether they are logged into a Google account at the time, and their previous browsing and search history. This means that if you run this report from your usual computer, then you will get much more appealing results than would someone else, someone who could be a real potential customer, someone who wouldn't find you, even though you thought they would.

The first point deals with the fact that people might not actually be looking for your keywords, or not many people. Those who do, and who see your website listed, might not click on it. And those who do, might not actually buy, get in touch, or whatever you need them to do to stay in business.

This is why online marketing is much more than simply keywords and ranking. However, as a minimum, whoever does yours, should provide proper ranking reports, along with an explanation of their limitations. If not, then you should ask serious questions about what is being done on your behalf.

If you can't get a ranking report, or want something against which to compare it, then Initiative2 can provide that service. However, as a bonus to our subscribers, we shall make this available for free for the first 17 to ask. Just email the information below, and you shall receive a monthly ranking report for 3 consecutive months. No charge, no commitment. It's just our way of helping you help yourself.

  • Your domain name, eg;
  • Up to 5 key words or phrases;
  • Business Name;
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  • Business phone number.

By Kenneth Mackay, 9th June, 2015

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