Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), and why should you be bothered? Spend 1 minute reading the following to see how important it should be to your business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a bit of a mouthful, and is often referred to as "CRO". It is about maximising the number of visitors to your website who do what you want them to do. This will vary depending upon your business. You might want them to download something, contact you, or even buy online. The more that happens, the more successful your business will become.

Let me illustrate this by using an example. Imagine the following "funnel":

  1. 1,000 people search for what you do. Of those,
  2. 100 people visit your site. Of those,
  3. 10 people do what you want them to do.

Notice the drop off. Step 3 is where you make your money. Just imagine if you could increase it by 10%. Now imagine if you could double that number.

This can be achieved by increasing the numbers at each stage above. Unfortunately, you have little control over step 1, the number of people looking for what you do. However, you have great opportunities with steps 2 and 3.

Step 2 is associated with online marketing activities such as SEO and AdWords. As you know, these can dramatically increase the numbers. A form of CRO, if you will.

Step 3 is the area normally talked about when discussing CRO. You have people on your site. If they don't do what you want them to do, it is a wasted opportunity. One that might not repeat itself.

So what can you do to improve your Conversion Rate? Lots. You can make changes to the page - the text, the pictures, the colours, the layout, and the "call to action". You should measure, test, and repeat. CRO improvements are often incremental. A 10% improvement here, a 5% improvement there, and before you know it, things have doubled. And you can continue and repeat this process.

One word of caution before you rush off to implement CRO. Not all changes are guaranteed to make things better. That is where some CRO experience can pay for itself. Also, unless you have a decent number of visitors in step 2, you are wasting your time.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that we can help your Conversion Rate Optimisation. The initial consultation places you under no obligation.

By Kenneth Mackay, 9th February, 2016

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