Should You Use Google AdWords?

The answer is almost certainly "YES".

Below I will explain why you should ignore this advice.

Spend 1 minute reading the following to see why the problem is how AdWords is used. If you do it wrong, then you shouldn't do it.


Some people don't see why they should pay when you can get on the "free listings". If only life was that easy!

Budgets are set too low. You spend £Y to get X times that amount back. But you need enough ammunition to take part. This is an investment, not a cost.

Too expensive per click. Not if you do it properly. You can actually get higher up yet spend less!

Since Google has made it very easy to set up an AdWords account, why pay someone like me to do it for you? Most of our business comes from sorting out DIY projects. It's just too difficult and time-consuming to do properly yourself.

Too many clicks

There should be no such thing. If every click turned into a sale, would you complain? No.

The problem is that you have allowed the wrong people to see and click on your ad. This just wastes your money.

Too few clicks

What they really mean is too few enquiries / sales.

If people are looking for what you do, then you are not displaying compelling ads to them. Perhaps they are not even seeing your ads.

Regardless of how well your AdWords has worked for you, things are about to get much tougher.

Google has stopped displaying adverts down the right-hand side of the search results page. If you currently advertise, go and search for what you do, and see what I mean. It's much more competitive.

Google AdWords is great, when used properly. Many people we speak to don't think so. They suffer from the issues outlined above. If that's you, then you should stop using AdWords as you currently do. Stop it completely, or give me a call to take over.

I hope that we can help your Google AdWords. The initial consultation places you under no obligation.

By Kenneth Mackay, 23rd February, 2016

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