The 3 Things Wrong with Your Website

Wouldn't it be great if you knew what was wrong with your website? You could fix it, and everything would be better.

It is possible; but where should you start?

Take 1 minute to consider the following.

Every website is different. However, problems can be grouped into 3 areas.

  • Domain and hosting;
  • Technical, and;
  • Content.

There are hundreds of different things to check. Some will apply to the whole site. Some will only be relevant to one page. Each page should be checked.

Fixing each one makes your website that bit better. Taken together, they make it a whole lot better.

This is better for your Google rankings. It is better for your visitors' experience. It is better for your business.

Once fixed, those improvements will continue to benefit you over time. Just remember to run some checks every so often.

Now you know the benefits, how do you do these checks?

Check my previous posts on the subject. I keep coming back to it because it is such a fundamental issue. One that can give you big returns.

The question is who should do these checks? You don't want the poacher to become the gamekeeper, so it's not your web designer (not that they'd want to do it anyway).

We specialise is this task. The list of things we check has grown over time, and continues to do so. If Google makes a change, then we take note. If technologies change, we add the checks. If best practice change, we adjust our checks. Some things that used to be recommended are no longer what you should do.

Let us help you in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. Sorting out what is wrong with your website will probably be the biggest improvement you can make. You are under no obligation to use us again.

By Kenneth Mackay, 14th June, 2016

This is one of a series of articles that deal with common issues when promoting your business online. We hope that you found it useful. Go to our online marketing tips to see previous pieces of advice. If there are any topics that you would like covered, please let us know.

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