Why You Must Replace All of Your AdWords Adverts

Google has launched a new, enhanced format for AdWords. If you use AdWords, then you MUST replace your existing adverts.

Spend 1 minute going through the following summary.

AdWords' text adverts have always allowed a maximum of 25 characters in the headline, and 2 lines of description, each with a maximum character count of 35. That is being replaced with a new, larger layout, which is now the default standard.

As from 26th October 2016, you will no longer be able to edit your existing, old-format adverts.

I have even seen, an as yet unconfirmed report, that sometime within the next 8 months your existing adverts will cease to be displayed. While I find it hard to believe that Google would do this, evolution and natural selection will have the same affect. The old-style adverts will be superseded by those using the new format.

On a positive note, if you make these changes, then it is an opportunity for you actually improve what you had before.

Google has not provided an "upgrade" tool, nor is one likely. Simply copying your old-style adverts across into the new format, misses the point. External providers will offer such a service. Don't do it. The only sensible option is to redo all of your adverts from scratch.

This could be a mammoth amount of work. Take a step back, first. Were your adverts actually doing that well for you? If not, then this is an opportunity for you to start afresh. If your adverts were doing well, then this will be a major threat to your business if you don't handle the transfer properly, or your competitors get their act in gear.

If you have everything in hand, then congratulations. But what if you have a problem? If you don't care about your online marketing, then it's not really an issue. However, you wouldn't have read this far, would you?

Usually I would suggest that you first contact whomever looks after your online marketing. But they should have alerted you to this already.

We would be delighted to help, and anticipate a flurry of referrals from web and graphic designers, and marketing and PR people. The changes are live now. The immediate opportunity for you is now, so I would suggest getting in touch ASAP. (I'm not normally so "salesy", but this is a unique set of circumstances.)

By Kenneth Mackay, 9th August, 2016

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