Nobody Clicks on the Ads

Do you ever click on the ads that appear when you search online?

Many people don't. However, if you are in business, and allow this to cloud your judgement, then you might be missing a trick.

Spend 1 minute considering the following.

This is of particular interest if you are put off using AdWords because of your own browsing behaviour. If you do use AdWords, then it should reinforce that decision.

You can tell from the above that I am suggesting that AdWords is a good thing, and that you should be using it. Therefore I shall try to give you information that will help you inform your own personal opinion on the matter.

It is true that not everybody clicks on the ads. (These are the things that appear across the top and often the bottom of search results. They no longer appear down the right-hand side.) However, the percentage is rising. When I spoke at public events 10 years ago, it averaged at 2 per hundred in the room. Today it is much, much higher.

There are various reasons for this. Historically there was a gut-feel that they were "different", and not to be trusted. That remains with some of us still. However, as people have become more used to seeing them, or grown up with them, this is no longer such an issue. So more people click on them.

Another big change was when their appearance altered. In the past they had light yellow or blue backgrounds. They looked different to the main search results. Now they appear on plain white, just like the main results, with only a small "Ad" next to them. Many people now click on them without even realising that they are adverts.

You should now understand why the idea that nobody clicks on the adverts has changed over time. Further proof, if it is needed, can be gained from the fact that this is how Google makes its money. No clicks, no income.

Hopefully you now have the reassurance to not discount AdWords out of hand, based on personal experience. Lots of other things should be considered prior to embarking upon a campaign. A lack of people clicking on them shouldn't be one of them.

If you agree with my analysis and conclusion, then there is nothing more I can contribute to this topic. However, if you need help with all the other things to be considered, then give me a call.

By Kenneth Mackay, 6th September, 2016

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