How Much Does Bad Online Marketing Cost?

Last time I discussed now much good online marketing costs. It was inevitable that some wag should ask how much bad online marketing costs!

Actually, this isn't such a daft question. Spend 1 minute going through the following to discover the hidden costs of bad online marketing.

We start with the presumption that online marketing is intended to generate more enquiries, more customers, and more sales. Therefore "bad" online marketing is any online activity that doesn't contribute to this. At its worst, it actually reduces those results.

It is easy to suggest that spending too little is the cause. However, spending lots of money is no guarantee of success at all. Bad online marketing is simply the poor use of resources.

So what are the costs of bad online marketing?

The most obvious cost is the money spent. If you've invested your budget, and it hasn't generated results, then it is simply a cost. The more you have spent, the greater the cost.

Bad online marketing often uses questionable, short-term tactics. These might work for a while. You might get more enquiries, customers and sales. That encourages you to take on more staff, move premises, increase production, or order more stock. And then Google tightens up its rules, you lose your prominent position, and all of those extra leads, customers and sales disappear overnight. All you are left with is the extra staff, premises, production and stock. What cost now, of bad online marketing?

The good news is that such a situation can be rectified. It just requires the bad stuff to be undone, and good stuff to be implemented. All of this takes time and money. We often get asked to undertake such projects. The ironic thing is that the cost of your bad online marketing has also to include the cost of doing it properly, just as it should have been in the first place.

In the most extreme cases, bad online marketing can result in you being banned from the search results. The solution is as above. It just takes much longer, and requires much more effort. There are stories of businesses closing as a result of such bad online marketing. How do you put a price on that?

This might sound like a very negative post. Most people believe that it does not apply to them, or the possible results will not affect them. Many are correct; they will simply continue to pay for things that don't work well. Their online marketing will simply be ineffective.

A small percentage will suffer from the results of their bad online marketing. If that's you, please get in touch. We might be able to help you.

The people I would really like to speak to are those few who are on the ball. They understand the situation. They are concerned by how it does or could affect them, but they see the opportunity.

Online marketing is dog-eat-dog. You are competing against your competitors in a zero-sum game. If they are undertaking bad online marketing, then that is a bonus to you. They are spending money to put themselves in a worse position.

If your online marketing is a great success, and you a generating a large return on investment, then congratulations. But what if you have a problem?

Email, or call 01224 820 960. We can have an initial discussion, just to see what your options are, and how we could help you.

By Kenneth Mackay, 15th November, 2016

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