How To Make Money From Google

If you display Google adverts on your website, then Google will pay you every time someone clicks on them. Some people make a living out of this, but we are often asked by others why it doesn't work for them.

This is called Google AdSense. Spend one minute reading the following to understand whether it's right for you.

Although Google pays you every time someone clicks on one of these adverts, they only pay out once it has reached a certain total. Therefore, if you don't get many clicks, it will take a long time before you receive any money.

To receive lots of clicks, you need lots of visitors. Only a fraction of those will actually click.

If you have set up your site to make money out of such advertising, then you have to treat your site as a business. You must invest time, money and effort into attracting more visitors. Just like any other website!

All of the tips I have shared over the years are as relevant to someone wanting to make money out of AdSense, as they are for any other website owner. The main difference is the potential value of each visitor. That affects how much you should invest to attract each visitor. Making a business out of AdSense may be more difficult than developing your main business.

At this point, many people decide to add some adverts to their main business website "just to give it a try". This might actually be the worst option.

If your website attracts enough visitors to generate some revenue from AdSense, then it might be a better use of your time to convert those visitors into customers of your main business.

If you place too many adverts on your site, then it detracts from its effectiveness for your main business. It can confuse your visitors by displaying too many distractions. It will also dilute your site's SEO, which could reduce the number of visitors.

So should nobody bother with AdSense? No. We need such adverts displayed on sites so that our Google AdWords clients have somewhere else to be seen. And you can make money, if done properly. Initiative2 has a test and development website that has AdSense. It has generated revenue, but to do it properly, and generate substantially more, wouldn't have been a good use of our time. And we know what we are doing.

AdSense is very beguiling. If you do it, at least go in with your eyes open. Realistic expectations mean that you shouldn't be disappointed.

Not all is lost. You can make money out of Google. Stick to the basics. Attract more of the right people to your website (or Facebook, or whatever). Convert them into enquiries and customers. This will be much more profitable than a half-hearted attempt at displaying adverts on your site.

If you currently display adverts on your site, you may wish to reconsider. Get in touch and I can talk you through your options.

By Kenneth Mackay, 10th January, 2017

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