Google Reviews

When you are searching online, do you ever read the reviews? Do you think other people read reviews? Does your business display reviews online?

There is a quick, easy and effective way to get more reviews. Spend 1 minute to find out how.

When someone searches Google for your business name, it should display a map, photo, opening hours, and other information. This has nothing to do with your website. Try it using your business name, and see what I mean.

If those details don't appear, then you have a problem. Give me a call.

If they do appear, then you should see a "Reviews" section. If there aren't any, or they are not very good, then you have a problem.

So how do you get these reviews? People can simply add them themselves. They don't have to be customers. They don't even have to be honest in what they say. That is why you should take control of what you can.

It is neither recommended nor permissible to offer incentives (bribe) people to leave (favourable) reviews. However, it is OK to ask. For example, if you wanted to comment on how useful you have found these tips, please review Initiative2.

Once people have left a review, you should receive a notification. If you don't, you have a problem. Call me.

If you receive any unfavourable reviews, this is your opportunity to address the issue. When done properly, this can actually show you in a good light.

How would your business gain from having more positive reviews online?

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By Kenneth Mackay, 30th May, 2017

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