Solved problems in relation to my website and search engine results that no one else from a number of rival companies has been able to get anywhere near finding a solution for.

Myles Edwards, Aberdeen

Responsive Doesn't Mean Mobile-friendly

Do you have a responsive website? One that works on mobile? One that you got to "perform better in Google".

Do you think that you have a mobile-friendly website? Spend one minute checking this out.

Many web designers use the 2 terms interchangeably. They are wrong.

Responsive doesn't mean mobile-friendly. It is only part of the puzzle.

Go to, to check your website.

If you haven't got what you thought you were getting, then speak to your web designer.

If you haven't got what you thought you were getting, and are also doing online marketing, then what else is wrong? Speak to me.

By Kenneth Mackay, 27th June, 2017

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